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Aura Absolute
Aura Absolute
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Aura Absolute
Aura Absolute
Aura Absolute
Aura Absolute

Aura Absolute

A unique sci-fi air purifier with a stylish design straight from the future: Aura Absolute analyzes the air quality in real time, adjusts its functions for effective cleaning and reports the data with the 4-color control display. Thanks to the HEPA Filter 14, it achieves an efficiency of 99.99% for particles up to 0.3 micrometers. UV-C lamp, ionizer, WiFi and voice control round off the equipment.




  • HEPA 14 filter, pre- and activated carbon filter: efficiency of 99.99% for fine dust down to 0.3 micrometers
  • UV-C lamp and ionizer: Air is sterilized to destroy microorganisms such as bacteria and pollutants in the air and negative ions remove the pollutant particles to ensure clean, good air in your own home.
  • Automatic regulation: analysis of air quality in real time and adjustment of effective cleaning by automating the device. The digital display with 4-color display provides information about the air quality, as well as cleaning and analysis.
  • WLAN and voice control: Thanks to WLAN compatibility, the Aura Absolute can be added to the Internet at home or in the office and can be voice controlled with HomePods, Alexa and Co.

Features at a glance

  • 3 filtration levels (models / activated carbon filter / HEPA 14 filter)
  • Germicidal UV-C lamp
  • Ionizer
  • Filter durability up to 4320 hours
  • Modern touchscreen display
  • Digital display of the dust concentration in the room
  • 4-color air quality sensor
  • Sleep and auto function for efficient, environmentally friendly and wallet-friendly use
  • Timer: 1-12 hours
  • Handle for easy movement of the air purifier inside
  • CADR: 400 m3/h

Free app use

  • Operate your Aura Absolute with the Olimpia Splendid Smart Control app for iOS and Android devices
  • Program and control your device remotely and whenever you want.

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