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LSA Luft-Systeme Althuber GmbH is a family and master craftsman business from the beautiful area called "Mühlviertel" in Upper Austria. The connection to our immediate surroundings, as well as international projects around the globe are equally important to us. We are open-minded, tolerant and definitely do not see the earth in the shape of a disk. Our world is made up of air and love, clouds and the forces of aerodynamics, which we need as important ingredients for the secret of much better air. The passion for fresh air, the environment and well-being are the components of our mission, because everyone has the right to a healthy living space and the most important live-giving goods of all: AIR. Our story begins with Grandpa Fritz, who passed these core values on to his son and thus to this company, and which are still the core principles of "LSA" today.

Next summer is sure to come!


Extreme heat is unhealthy. Our muscles and cardiovascular system are poorly supplied with blood, which leads to discomfort, fatigue and a significant reduction in activity, energy and performance in children and adults. By cooling the air, we eliminate these negative influences in advance and ensure that our body has the optimum conditions to master daily challenges. Cooled living and working spaces provide the feel-good atmosphere you want for your home or workspace. Discover our range now and find the perfect air conditioning system for your individual requirements and needs.

Clean air is our greatest asset.


Our ventilation systems ensure optimum ventilation in your home or workspace. With state-of-the-art technology and highly efficient filters, our ventilation systems improve air quality and ensure a healthy indoor climate. Whether for residential, commercial or industrial premises - our range offers a wide selection of ventilation units that are tailored to the needs of your premises. The ventilation systems are not only particularly powerful, but also particularly energy-efficient and therefore environmentally friendly. Discover our range now and find the perfect ventilation system for your individual requirements and needs. We will be happy to advise and plan your system individually for you so that you can enjoy the best air solution for your premises.


With us, clean air is not only guaranteed by our outstanding technical expertise and high-quality products, but the ventilation systems and ventilation components shine with a variety of different sizes, different air flow rates and even different colors and designs.

Our air conditioning systems are also easier to install than ever before and are even suitable for apartment owners, homeowners, tenants who are not allowed or do not want to install an outdoor unit and for those who value aesthetics. You will also find air treatment devices in the store that are designed to adapt your clean air to the climatic conditions in your home, office or business or to improve them. You will find fragrancing in the form of defusers and fragrance-free humidifiers as well as devices to dehumidify wet rooms or, above all, old buildings and thus prevent mold growth. No matter what you need and how you want to update or upgrade your living space, you are sure to find the right product and excellent seasonal promotions here, because the next summer is sure to come!

We are not specialists. We are EXPERTS.


Over the last few decades, we have been able to plan, execute and complete thousands of projects, attend openings and watch a small idea grow into a great, well-known company. This is the motivation and incentive why we have not only been doing our job well for more than 20 years, but also doing it with pleasure.

Vincent van Gogh once said "What is done with love is done well." We follow this wisdom with passion and to support our clients and help them succeed with honest and fair expertise. We support and love nothing more than seeing a great result when we visit our customers, celebrate our company parties with them or come over as a family for a Friday lunch. LSA Luft-Systeme Althuber GmbH, including the great LSA team, believes in "taking and giving back even more". That is why we are proud of our work. We are proud that projects and business relationships, honest partnerships and even friendships have developed. We are grateful for the many encounters, the mutual appreciation, the positive feedback and numerous recommendations. This inspires us in our daily work and the praise from our customers is our greatest affirmation.


Our ideology is based on firm principles: Appreciation, trust, fairness and honesty.

Without these four basic requirements for our partnerships and relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees, we would not have been THE company for ventilation and air conditioning systems for over 20 years.


In addition to individual planning, a fair cost calculation plays a major role in pre-production. We always take time for you and create your personal air solution for all individual living spaces so that the implementation can take place without any problems.


Our team are not only experts in the installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems, but also always have their heads in the clouds when it comes to installing your ventilation system, even at dizzying heights. The team is always up to date with the latest knowledge and boasts decades of experience.


Once your new ventilation system has been installed and commissioned, it is very important to have it serviced and maintained regularly (at least once a year). This must be carried out by an authorized specialist. Regular maintenance of your system protects your appliance, your staff, your customers, the environment and your wallet. We are there for you in good times and bad. We see problems as a challenge and we always find a solution.


Have you ever packed a ventilation system including accessories and components in a shopping bag? You can with us. In addition to ventilation systems, we also offer a wide range of air conditioning systems and air handling units as well as various household goods that will bring a breath of fresh air into your home.


When it comes to sustainability, we are careful to calculate our solutions and implementation in such a way that you not only save electricity, but also do something good for the environment. We save resources through precise planning.

Handshake quality

We live trust and appreciation both internally and externally, because we not only want to meet your expectations, we want to exceed them. You can rely on us and we are proud of that.


We are proud to be a master craftsman's business. We carry this distinction with pride, because it stands not only for quality in practice, but also for theoretical and practical know-how. That is why we are not specialists. We are experts!

Air Designer

Technology looks ugly? Not with us, because we love creating the perfect air quality and finding the most beautiful solution for your air spa. "Function follows form", but we don't neglect aesthetics.



Here you will find everything you ever wanted to know about air, air conditioning and a comfortable climate. We are the company that puts the customer first. We understand the concerns and wishes of our customers and implement them in such a way that price and performance are always in harmony. We put our knowledge and energy into every single project and implement it in the best possible way for the customer. We are always happy to assist you with advice, planning, installation, service and maintenance!

Professional services from a single source

We take care of everything for you, from planning and installation to regular maintenance. After careful planning by our experts, professional installation is carried out. Of course, we make sure that there are no conflicts with other installations. We tailor our services to your needs. To ensure the safe and trouble-free operation of your system, please have maintenance carried out at regular intervals, preferably once a year.

High-quality products for perfect solutions

Thanks to our high-quality products from excellent suppliers, we are able to come up with solutions even for difficult tasks. Our team consists of highly trained specialists who take enough time for each of our customers to deliver optimum results. Of course, we also have partner companies that enable us to create holistic projects for the customer (electrical, heating, sanitary equipment, kitchen ceilings and much more). The process of learning is a constant one and so we always take advantage of current and future-oriented further training opportunities in order to be optimally equipped for the future.

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