Our history

"Every man is the architect of his own fortune" is not just a clever saying that hung in the form of a sign in Grandpa Fritz's dining room, but was also a piece of wisdom that was passed on to all the children living in the Althuber household. And this wisdom shaped little Fritz so much that he internalised the saying and made it his reality. The ingredients for this were: Willpower, perseverance and a passion for the invisible - air.

Grandpa Fritz already knew that air played an important role and enjoyed it not only when practising his many sports or fishing with his son, but also when he was simply out and about in nature looking for mushrooms.

This passion and gratitude for this invisible good was passed on to his children, failed tasks were certainly done better next time, mistakes were learnt from and talents were encouraged. Grandpa Fritz valued craftsmanship as much as intellectual labour and good planning was essential for a great result, as this was the only way he could build his house with his own hands. Today, all of these important wisdoms and principles are core principles of the Althuber family, but even more so the foundation of the company ideology of LSA Luft-Systeme Althuber GmbH.

And that's us today

We are a family business from the beautiful area called "Mühlviertel" in Upper Austria, based in Katsdorf, in the district of Perg. The company was founded by Friedrich Althuber, a master ventilation sprinkler fitter, who was previously the managing director of another company and has been practising the trade of ventilation sprinkler fitter since the age of 15, almost his entire life, and passing it on to future generations. Even as a child, he was fascinated by the forces that can be generated with air, which is why he decided to become a ventilation plumber in order to uncover the secret of better air himself. He did this when he learnt about air from his masters and also when he successfully passed his master craftsman's examination at a very young age. His expertise in the field of ventilation technology can draw on over 30 years of knowledge and this was further underpinned 5 years ago by his appointment as a certified and sworn expert for ventilation systems, because he wants to keep the secret of better air at all costs.

Over the years, LSA has developed from a "one-man show" into a company with extensive expertise in the field of ventilation technology and with its many hard-working and inspiring employees, all of whom have contributed to the fact that, after 20 years of existence, the company is now the one that many people throughout Austria and internationally know, recommend and consult.

Numerous large projects and notable customers, including from the catering, hotel and industrial sectors, have been acquired and equipped with our highly individualised air solutions. However, smaller and medium-sized projects, such as the installation and commissioning of air conditioning systems through to controlled residential ventilation, are always a matter close to the heart of LSA Luft-Systeme Althuber GmbH.

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